Joshua Davis


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  • Joshua Davis was born on June 13th in 1971 in San Diego
  • He is a designer, technologist and artist in new media (digital art)
  • Uses Macromedia Flash and Processing to generate his unique art
  • He is an illustrator and painter, as well as pioneering web design
  • Studied illustration and art history at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn
  • Introduced to the internet by a friend and spent a year working on HTML coding in his own time
  • When he ran out of money Pratt offered him a job designing their website
  • Dropped out of school to find a career in web design
  • Overcame his drug addiction to become an artist


  • Heavily influenced by Jackson Pollock, who was an abstract expressionist
  • Pollock was famous for splattering paint across large boards and canvases
  • Famous for his art being the process as opposed to the outcome
  • Davis took the idea and used the computer to write code which randomly distorted his artwork
  • This echoes Pollocks thesis that the art is the code that produces the art, rather than the work itself
  • Influenced by technology
  • Loved classic video games like Space Invaders
  • Used a sprite from Space Invaders as the logo for Praystation (one of his works)


  • Very unique and distinct aesthetic
  • Never-seen-before, and this comes from how randomised his work is
  • He often selects complementary colours (e.g. blue and orange) to create strong and bold contrasts
  • His visual style is very ‘busy’, there’s lots going on and often it’s a lot for the eye to take in
  • Despite this, he does tend to use a select colour pallet (blue/orange/white/brown) to keep it unified
  • But what impact has this unique style and unique designer had on the industry and our lives today?
  • Design Museum: ‘If it wasn’t for Joshua Davis, the internet would not only look completely different, but function differently too’
  • Angela Beesley: ‘One person who pushed the boundaries was, and is still to a degree, Joshua Davis’
  • Shows the huge impact he had on HTML coding, Flash programming and web design


  • Davis’ website which he used to exhibit new design work
  • One of the first websites to use open source Flash files
  • The second year of this website was put onto a PrayStation hard drive
  • This featured bits of work and photos, and the hard drive looked like the PlayStation 2 with a Space Invader sprite as the logo
  • Reflect App video
  • This shows how his app design, and the invention of apps enables everyday consumers to create art
  • Other work
  • 2001 Prix Ars Electronica Golden Nica for ‘Net Excellence’
  • Work has been exhibited at Tate Modern & Design Museum in London & Ars Electronica in Austria
  • Finish with Adobe Creative Cloud video

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