Initial Ideas

After researching various different aesthetics and visual styles, I have focused on a geometrical, simple, clean style, very much influenced by the Helvetica font, and the Helvetica documentary we watched in class, as well as taking inspiration from Joshua Davis’ geometrical shaped work, and his process – (95% of the time it won’t work, but test until you get the 5% of greatness). I have found a plugin for Adobe After Effects called Plexus, which is used to create motion graphics, however, I want to emulate this style but create it myself and use it for my design work.


This is the title sequence for Red Bull’s epic and artistic documentary, Art of Flight. The title sequence was designed and edited by a company called ‘The Helio Collective’, and it features the use of lines to form triangular type shapes, which collectively make diamond shape structures. These lines have glow on them, and some are at varying opacities.

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 13.45.50


Another video that I found, ‘Transmission’, showcases the use of the Plexus plugin to create similar shapes to that in Art of Flight, however instead of just being the stroke/lines that are visible (like in Art of Flight), the shapes are filled with colour, with varying levels of opacity and glow too.

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 13.45.08


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