Triangulation Testing 2

After experimenting with Adobe Illustrator CS6 more, I started to form diamond-shape geometrical 3D shaped graphics from the inspiration from the Art of Flight titles and the Plexus plug-in for Adobe After Effects. However, I have also taken inspiration from my research into Joshua Davis, who explores coding and programming to create geometrical shapes.

To create this shape, I drew many individual triangles with the pen tool, used a white coloured stroke of 1px and joined the shapes up to form one large diamond-type shape. I then selected each triangle and (after importing the TRUMATCH colour swatches) filled each triangle in a different shade of pink. Some faces of the diamond are lighter due to where the imagined light would be hitting the 3D shape (as if the lighting is coming directly from the front, slightly below the shape), and others are darker, due to where there would be a lack of light. I then applied outer glow (effects > stylise > outer glow) to each stroke so that it appeared as if it was shiny and glowing. I then imported the image into photoshop, added a grey-black background and a final outer glow to the shape outline through the layer styles menu option. The process with screenshots can be seen on the previous post.

Large Diamond 1


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