Business Card Process

One of the promotional items for my press pack that I chose to create was a business card. The design for this was very similar to the poster design, with a few small changes. See the screenshots below to see how I developed my design for the business card.

Firstly I used the TRUMATCH colour swatches to recolour the pink diamond I had already created to orange.

1 Change Colour 2 Finished Diamond

Then I imported the image into Photoshop and added an outer glow effect to the diamond.

3 Paste Glow

Then I duplicated all the line layers creating the glow curve from the pink diamond to the orange diamond document.

4 Duplicate Golden Curve Stroke 5 Finished PSD

I then placed the Photoshop diamond onto the 55x88mm business card size document in InDesign.

6 Place onto 55x88 BC ID File

I then added text and an outer glow style to that text.

7 Text & Glow

Then I recoloured the second diamond shape I had created in Illustrator and added outer glow to the smart object in Adobe Photoshop, and the placed that image into Adobe inDesign.

8 Second Diamond 9 Glow 10 Place

I then drew several connecting lines again and altered the opacity of each one to be at varying levels and added an outer glow style to all the layers.

11 Lines & Glow 12 Lines & Glow

Then I typed out the information text (MFM DEGREE SHOWCASE) and drew connecting lines to that too.

13 Info Text 14 Whole Front

This is the final business card front design.

15 Finished Front

Here is the simple design for the back of the business card, with the date of the exhibition showcase in the same font as the front (neou). I adjusted the individual tracking and kerning for these letters and numbers on the back as the font seemed to automatically space the ‘1’ from other letters.

16 Back (Tracking of Text)


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