CD Process



Another element of the press pack that I had to create was a CD/DVD design. I kept the running theme and overall design of triangulation and diamond shaped geometrical graphics on this design too. The screenshots below show the process.

The first stage was to recolour the shapes in Illustrator to a purple colour pallet.

1 Recolour

I then added outer glow on Photoshop, as usual.

2 Glow

I placed the Photoshop file into a CD template that I had downloaded off the internet, so that the diamond graphic was cropped where the guides were. I then reframed it, lowered the opacity, and added text.

3 Place inside Guide 4 Placed Image 5 Opacity Lowered 6 Text Added

However, I wasn’t sure about the text as it looked quite out of place on the disc, so instead I created a giant ‘C’ text shape in the Neou font (to stand for Colour) and added outer glow to it and framed it to fit around the edge of the CD.

7 Change to 'C'

Finally, I re-increased the opacity level, as I thought that the white C didn’t stand out much from the washed out coloured design. This is my final CD design.

8 Opacity 100%


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