Flyer Process



The final element of the press pack that I had to design was an A5 flyer with map. These screenshots below show my development process as I carried out the design work.

Firstly I recoloured the diamond shape in Illustrator using the TRUMATCH colour book.

1 Diamond Recolour

I imported this diamond shape into an A5 Photoshop document, aligning the main top point of the diamond with the 50% central guide. I then added text to head the flyer up.

2 Place Diamond & Text

I then drew connection lines from the graphic to the text and also from the text to the edges of the page. I then altered the opacity of each individual line and added outer glow to the lines too.

3 Lines 4 Glow & Opacity Lines

I then typed the informational text and aligned it against the guide that ran from the top point of the diamond and the edge of the C so that the composition was perfect.

5 Text Align

Finally, to finish of the front page of the flyer, I added outer glow to the graphic and to the text.

6 Text Glow



Then, for the back page of the flyer, I created a new A5 document in Photoshop and placed a high resolution copy of the Sussex campus map into Photoshop, and slowly started to delete the areas of the map that were unneeded, such as the grass.

1 Erase Parts of Map

This left me with a map of Silverstone and the surrounding buildings/carparks/roads, and I selected this and placed the green diamond graphic behind, then kept the selection, deleted the map, inverted the selection and deleted the unneeded graphics from the green diamond shape.

2 Erased Map 3 Diamond Behind Map 4 Select Map 5 Cutout Diamond Map

I then split this map into three layers: the top layer being Silverstone building itself, the second layer being the route to Silverstone (along North South Road and Arts Road) and the third being the surrounding buildings and paths such as the Library and Jubilee Building. I lowered the opacity of this third layer right down, and kept the opacity of the Silverstone building top layer to 100% and added an outer glow to it so that it stood out and so that people would know which building was the right one to go to for Colour.

6 Opacity & SS Glow

I then altered the second (middle) layer opacity and increased it slightly so that the route to Silverstone was slightly separated from the rest of the map to make it clear for guests. I also added text to the main roads and buildings.

7 Text & Glow 8 Glow Road

I then added text saying SILVERSTONE in a slightly larger font size and a brighter opacity with an outer glow layer style so that it stood out. I then drew connection lines from the text to the building itself so it was clear which building was Silverstone, and then I added an outer glow to the layer which mapped out the route there just to make this doubly as obvious for all the guests.

9 Silverstone Text 10 Lines 11 Opacity & Glow Lines

For the next stage I typed out some information about the degree show, including when and where it was being held, and then some information about wristband entry prices. All the time I made sure the text was fully aligned to the guides that kept the overall composition so neat and clean and tidy.

12 Information 13 More Info

Then I added a line to separate the title and text and to fill in the empty space, however I wasn’t sure if this was the right place for it, so I moved the text up and the line down and this worked much better as it kept the majority of text away from the map, which made the map look less busy and cluttered.

16 Line 17 Readjust Line & Text

I then added an outer glow to the line so that it kept in style with the rest of the glowing design.

18 Line Glow

I then created an A4 document on InDesign to place both the front and back covers of the flyer together so that it would be ready to be printed. This image below shows the final design for the flyer, however if it were to be printed it would be printed double sided as an A5 document.

19 Place Front:Back InDesign


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