Folder Process

Another part of the press pack that we had to create was a folder. My development is shown below through the series of captioned screenshots.

I started by creating an A4 document, but I adjusted the dimensions of the width and height by 20mm for each, so that there was a border of 1cm so that the folder could fit A4 documents in and still have a border.

1 A4 Larger



Secondly, I recoloured the triangles that created the diamond shape to be shades of red. I then imported it into Photoshop and added glow and the header COLOUR, and added outer glow to that text.

2 Recolour 3 Place 4 Glow & Text

Then I decided that the composition of the front of the poster would be much better if the diamond was facing the other way, so that it was pointing open to the opening of the folder. So I flipped the shape horizontally, and added informational text and drew lines that connected the text with the graphic.

5 Flip, Text & Lines

I then setup a new document of the same size and created the back of the poster by placing the point of the diamond in the top left corner, drawing connection lines to the bottom of the page, adding text and adding outer glow to all the elements, as well as adjusting the opacity of the lines.

6 Back

The next stage was to put the front and the back together in Photoshop, so I set up a document of the correct size, with room for a 5mm spine. Then I placed the front and back folder panels into InDesign.

7 A3 Larger 8 Front and Back

I then coloured the spine the deep grey colour, and placed the edge of the diamond that overlapped from the front panel onto the back panel.

9 Place End of Diamond

Then I realised that the connection line from the C in COLOUR stopped abruptly at the spine, so I redrew that connection line to extend across the spine and back folder panel.

10 Complete Diamond 11 Redraw Line

Then I placed this document onto an A2 document in InDesign, and drew in very faint white dotted line guides so I would know where to fold for the spine when I printed the net out onto A2 paper.

12 Indesign Document 13 Dotted Line Guides 14 Dotted Line Guides 15 Dotted Line Guides

I then used the selection tool on Illustrator to reshape the diamond to form a sort of sleeve that would be part of the net to hold documents inside of the folder. I also drew on grey tabs so I could glue this down after printing.

16 Pocket Illustrator

This is the final A2 InDesign document showing the folder net, with the sleeve pocket attached.

17 Final Net


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