Headed Paper Process

Another item that I chose to create for the Colour showcase was a sheet of headed paper for people to take notes on.

I started by changing the colours of the diamond in Illustrator to shades of blue.

1 Diamond Recolour

I then altered the shapes of the triangles that composed the diamond so that it would fit over an A4 sheet of paper better.

2 Diamond Reshape

I placed this shape into Photoshop and added a guide a few centimetres down the page and edited the opacity of the lower section right down so that it would be easy to write on. I kept the header the bold blue colours at 100% opacity.

3 A4 Resize 4 Opacity

I then drew a thick white line along the guide and added outer glow to it, to separate the two sections.

5 Line 6 Glow Line

Then I added COLOUR across the header of the sheet and increased the tracking and kerning in between letters so that it was more spaced out and spread across the page.

7 Text on Guides

Finally, I added glow to the text and the finished headed paper is shown in the screenshot below.

8 Text Glow


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