Poster Process



The first part of the press pack that I created was the poster. These screenshots show my process for the creation of the design, layout and composition.

Firstly, I experimented with the golden ratio/golden curve overlaid on a Photoshop document with some text, and I realised that I wanted to have the centre of the diamond where the golden curve starts, and then follow out along where the curve spins out, to the COLOUR title and then the information underneath.

1 2

Then I created a new InDesign document filled with the deep warm grey I had selected as my colour swatch for the background of all my press pack pieces and placed the Photoshop file of the Illustrator diamond onto the page.

3 4

I then went back into Photoshop as I wanted to create a thicker stroke around some of the triangle edges to follow where the golden curve would be. So I drew thick 20px lines around the existing stroke to create a curve shape. I also put an outer glow effect on the line, and then saved it and imported it onto the diamond in the InDesign document.

1 2 3 4 5 6

To then make my design relate to the Red Bull film ‘Art of Flight’ I drew thin lines in InDesign coming from the diamond and attaching to the COLOUR title text. Then I adjusted the opacity of these and added outer glow and drew some more connecting the text to the graphic.

1 2 3 4

I then decided that the poster needed a second diamond shape coming in on the left to make the poster look less empty. I went into the Adobe Illustrator file and used the selection tool to select points on each triangle and created a new shape from it. Then I imported this into Photoshop to add outer glow, and then placed it into InDesign with a lower opacity so that the other diamond was what caught the viewers eye first. I then drew some more connecting lines to this diamond from the COLOUR header text and added glow and lowered the opacity.

1 New Shape 2 Shape Import & Glow Lines

Finally I added some informational text (MFM DEGREE SHOWCASE and UNIVERSITY OF SUSSEX) to the page and positioned it so that the overall composition of the page looked good and added outer glow to the text.

3 Text 4 Glow on Text

Then I drew more connecting lines and added the various layer style effects onto the lines.

5 Final Glow Lines

Below is a screenshot of the final poster.

6 Final Poster ID


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