T-Shirt Process

The final promotional item that I designed was a Colour Tee. The process for this is shown below.

I started by downloading a tee shirt template. Then I filled in the outer surrounding area white.

1 Template 2 White Fill

I then coloured the tee shirts in the warm deep grey colour and placed the recoloured Indigo diamond design onto the front of the tee. I then added outer glow.

3 Grey Fill Tee 4 Place Indigo Diamond 5 Glow

Using guides to align the diamond shape, I placed a duplicate on the back of the tee shirt, so that the design wrapped around the tee.

6 Back Align

Then I added text to the back of the t-shirt, and outer glow to that.

7 Text 8 Glow on Text

I then drew out connecting lines from the graphic to the edges of the tee shirt and to the COLOUR text. After this, I adjusted the opacity of each line and added outer glow to those too.

9 Lines 10 Different Opacities

I then placed all my promotional items (business card, wristband and tee shirt) onto an A4 document on InDesign for printing.

11 All Promo Items


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