Wristband Process

I really loved the idea of creating either a ticket or a wristband design as part of the press pack for entry to Colour. I decided that wristbands were a better idea as people are more likely to keep them as a reminder of the event and also then they become a promotional item in itself. I had seen wristbands with tearable stubs (for drinks coupons) before, and I created a template for this on photoshop (a wristband with two tearable stubs). The process for the entire design of the wristband is shown in the screenshots below.

Firstly I created the template and erased the inside of the guides so that I could create my design underneath the template on a separate layer.

1 Template

I then recoloured the diamond shape to shades and tones of yellow, and then decided to completely reshape the diamond so that it would be a long horizontal shape to fit better on the wristband. This involved using the selection tool and choosing anchor points on the triangles and adjusting them individually, one by one.

2 Recolour 3 Start of Reshape 4 Reshape

I then placed this final smart object into Photoshop, and added outer glow, as well as the text ‘COLOUR’ in white. I also added the warm grey colour to the layer underneath the yellow diamond shape to cover the other half of the wristband.

5 Text and Glow 6 Whole Wristband

After reviewing the overall composition, I decided that the white text didn’t stand out enough, and I therefore  changed the colour of the text to the warm deep grey swatch I had created for all backgrounds of my press pack.

7 Grey Text

I then increased the tracking and kerning between the letters so that COLOUR was more spread out over the surface of the wristband.

8 Tracking Increase

Finally, I tried putting text saying ‘FREE DRINK’ on the stubs, however it looked messy and too busy and not simple and clean enough. Therefore I created a small drink glass icon with straw on Illustrator and placed that on top of each of the stubs. The final image below is the complete wristband design.

9 Free Drink Text 10 Free Drink Icon


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